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Steve Skinner
Regarded by many as one of Britain's leading song writers, with a track record in writing for shows, theatre, street choirs and bands, with styles ranging from wicked satire to fiery flamenco, from gritty folk to gutsy blues.
Spend, Spend, Spend
20 songs of comedy and satire written and performed by Steve Skinner, a hilarious swipe at modern day life with numbers about the credit crunch, diets, adverts, therapy, deodorants, London's Underground, Albert Einstein and the Vikings...more zany humour with an impressive range of styles and influences. Mostly performed live at Seven Art Centre in Leeds on guitar and keyboards and with his backing group the Stevettes. The last three tracks are the highly prized works of art dedicated to Dr Phantom and his gang, as first demonstrated on his website
Audience feedback includes 'Standing ovation to Steve for his remarkable music'  'Absolutely hilarious' 'Highly original'
Fusion Live
Live recording of this exceptionally talented world music band, 'a taste of jazz, folk, flamenco, Africa and the East'. Steve is the main song writer, welding sounds and styles from many different cultures - a folk tune from Morocco, flamenco rhythms from southern Spain, shona tunes from Zimbabwe, melodies from the Punjab, Egypt, and Nova Scotia, with poetry inspired from Persia, combined with his own material. The line up includes Arabic lute and a host of instruments, from a stunning band performance at Square Chapel Arts Centre, Halifax.
Audience feedback includes ‘Simply stunning’, 'Excellent' and 'The most talented group I have seen in twenty years'.
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